Monday, March 29, 2010

A View from the Top

A Unique View of the Rainforest
La Selva Biological Field Station, Costa Rica
July 14th, 2009

This photograph was taken from atop a research tower at the OTS La Selva Field Station. The total height of the tower is just over 40 meters. On a clear day at the top, you can see the chain of volcanoes that run like a spine down the center of the country to the west, and the Caribbean to the east.  It was partly cloudy on the day I climbed the tower, so most of the view was obstructed, but what I did see was amazing. After climbing to the top of this tower, I climbed part way down and crossed a bridge to the second tower. From here, I made my way down to the ground. I will say the whole experience was a little tense, but well worth it. I would not have wanted to miss out on this experience; one that few visitors get to have. 

The towers themselves are part of a long term project to study the Carbon Cycle and climate change. The towers I climbed are only two of several scattered throughout the forest. Our guide was telling my group that there are plans to add additional towers to this site and monitoring equipment that will make it possible to collect data remotely. 

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