Sunday, February 14, 2010

American Wigeon at Kenneth Hahn Park

Anas americana
Kenneth Hahn State Recreational Area, California
February 14th, 2010

I photographed this American Wigeon during the Great Backyard Bird Count at Kenneth Hahn State Recreational Area. This duck is easily distinguishable from other ducks by its cream to white colored forehead and crown and the brilliant green patch extending from behind the eye to the nape. The "bald" look of this duck has earned it the nickname baldpate.

If you've never been to Kenneth Hahn State Recreational Area, I highly suggest making a trip. It is located off La Cienega in Baldwin Hills. There are over seven miles of trails, picnic areas and a duck pond. Parking near the pond and heading across the main drive will take you to the Olympic trail, which takes you straight up into some beautiful chaparral where you can observe native wildlife and get some amazing views of Los Angeles. The pond has a population of domesticated ducks, but with careful observation you can often spot native species as well.

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